Golden visa Greece

Greek permanent residency FAQ. By investing €250.000 or more in Greece you can become a permanent resident.

The Golden Visa Program is not limited to real estate investments.

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A Golden Visa is a permanent residency visa* issued to individuals who invest through the purchase of property, a specific sum of money into the issuing country.

Any type of real estate is eligible for a Golden Visa application as long as its contract value is at least €250.000. This can be an apartment, house, villa, plot of land, or a commercial property like a shop or office or a combination of the above.

Yes, you have the right to rent your property immediately after the acquisition and enjoy income from the rent.

From the moment you choose SeventyNine Investments to be your consultant, we advise you with all the necessary documents you need to prepare from your country for the permanent Residence permit application. We issue your invitation letter to travel to Greece, we prepare selected properties based on your needs, you sign a PoA and authorize our legal team to handle the transaction, at the same time they perform all the necessary formalities with our support. Subsequently, you transfer the necessary amount of money to your Greek bank account that we have already opened for you.Our team performs all the diligence checks and legal steps needed until the property is transferred under your name.

The market price for real estate transactions in Greece is on average 2% on the contract value of the property.

Yes, co-ownership is allowed as long as each person invests at least €250.000. You may own a property with one or more people – even if they are not family – and all of you may apply for a Greek residence permit under the above condition. In case of co-ownership between spouses the above condition does not exist and one €250.000 property is enough to ensure a Golden Visa for the couple.

According to Greek Golden Visa Program both parents of both spouces as well as all dependent children up to the age of 21, unless they are studying in which case they are permitted to extend up to the age of 24. 

After seven years of owning a Golden Visa through the ownership of the property you have the option to apply for a passport.

Permanent residency allows the applicant to live in Greece, start a business in Greece and work within his own business.

You can travel freely with your passport and the resident permit, to all countries that form the E.U and the Schengen Zone. You will not have to travel through Greece first.

By investing €250.000 or more in Greece you can become a permanent resident.